• Produced By KongRang Cultural

    Directed by Shiru Wang 王峙儒


    An experimental opera, adapted from classical Chinese story liao zhai [A Strange Story from A Scholar’s Studio] by Pu Song Lin .

    SKIN was performed on the 20th China Shanghai International Arts Festival - as the opening show of the Rising Artists' Works category. Performance date from 19 - 21 October 2018 at Shanghai Theatre Academy.


  • casting

    张帆涛 Zhang Fantao


    周琛 Zhou Chen


    兰婷婷 Lan Tingting


    于文杰 Yu Wenjie

    算命先生Fortune teller

    王皓 Wang Hao

    乞丐/蒲松龄 Beggar/Pu Songling

    王丽云 Wang Liyun


    马倩 Ma Qian